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About First Class Aerospace

Personalized Customer Service with Minimum Downtime

First Class Aerospace specializes in paint, interior, and cabinetry work for light commercial and general aviation fixed wing aircraft. As well as sailplanes, helicopters, turbines, and business jets. We strictly limit the number of aircraft we service at any one time. This is to provide personalized service to each customer and to minimize aircraft downtime. And we’ll work with you closely throughout every part of the painting process in order to exceed your expectations upon delivery. First Class Aerospace can assure you that you and your aircraft will receive the best service we can provide. We provide a list of unique options when it comes to aircraft interiors. From the interior design to delivery, our clients are always left amazed. They get to see their mind’s-eye concepts evolve into the luxurious aircraft interiors they imagined. You may come in as a customer, but you will leave as a friend.

First Class Aerospace wins coveted spot in Sherwin Williams’ 2022 & 2023 Aerospace Coatings Calendar

The Sherwin-Williams Company features another set of the most unique and classic aircraft paint schemes in its 2022 & 2023 Aerospace Coatings Calendars. This annual program recognizes the outstanding work of aircraft painters across the country that rely on Sherwin-Williams aerospace…

Our Mission & Core Values

The mission of First Class Aerospace is to create luxurious aircraft upgrades with meticulous detail, so aircraft owners can enjoy and share the privilege of flight.

Meticulous Detail

When the job is absolutely, totally, completely done we have a day-and-a-half more work to do.

Deadlines Matter

There are no loaner cars in aviation. It has to be done on-time. We take deadlines seriously.

Teamwork is Key

We can't do it alone.

Safety First

We are pilots too. Keeping our friends safe goes beyond the regulations.

We Love to Help

We take pride in providing great services for our clients and for those in need.

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Arrival Procedures

Leesburg International Airport (KLEE)

First Class Aerospace is located between A1 & A2 on an unnamed taxiway. Tower will accommodate directions by asking for a “progressive to the paint and interior shop”

Arrival Procedures

Early Country Airport (KBIJ)

The First Class Aerospace hangars are located on either side of the Main Terminal Building.

We have over 23,000 square feet of hangar space dedicated to providing luxury upgrades at our Early County location

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